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Marijuana and Your insurance

Since marijuana is now legalized in Canada, what does that mean for your home insurance?

Well for starters, it is now a question to be asked on all new homeowner’s applications, about how many marijuana plants you grow in your home for your own personal use. Different insurance companies have a variety of limits that they will cover for your marijuana and associated paraphernalia. Check with your broker for the limit covered on your home/tenant insurance.

How are insurance companies treating impaired driving as a result of marijuana use?

As many commercials have already shown, by law and by insurance, driving under the influence of marijuana may result in a D.U.I. and therefore be rated so in your insurance and will reflect in your yearly premium.

Looking into opening a marijuana dispensary?

Contact our office, we have a variety of insurance companies willing to assist you in this venture. To receive more information on legalized marijuana and how it can be covered under your insurance please contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Broker Age General Insurance Services.

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