Grande Prairie Mediation & Human Resources Expert – Lloyd Fischer, Q. Med, RPR, CM


As a small to medium-sized business, it can be hard to set yourself apart from your competition. Are your clients transactional or loyal? Do they come to you just looking for the best prices or the quickest service? Or are they regulars, loyal to your business and trusting in what you deliver? Engaged customers, are loyal customers. By regularly communicating with your existing and prospective clients you can build your reputation and relationships and make that conversion.

Communicating with your clients doesn’t have to be costly if you’re willing to put the work in. Advertising on traditional media like radio and newspapers can be a great way to build brand recognition, but it does come with a cost that can limit how much you are able to do. There are other avenues for engaging your customers that can cost little to no money. Consider building an email list of your clients and developing a social media presence for your business. It will start small, but with a good strategy and a commitment to regularly sharing and reliably engaging on your chosen platform, it will grow and allow you to have complete control over the content you choose to share.

Clients that feel connected to your business are more likely to trust that you are offering them a fair price and are willing to wait longer to receive a service if they believe that the quality is superior. Help your clients get to know your business and what you stand for. Demonstrate your values, dedication and the quality of your product or service and become, in the eyes of your clients, a trusted Expert® in your field.

At Fischer Mediation and HR Solutions, we help small- to medium-sized businesses by developing a strategy tailored to their needs that will engage clients and build a reputation. We can help navigate the market, define the audience and deliver results. Call us at 1-888-542-0223, we’d love to chat about your business needs!