Langley Wills and Estate Planning Expert – Lilián Cazacu

Writing Your Will is Just a Piece of Your Estate Planning Puzzle

“I just need a simple Will!”, my clients would normally request. However, there is no such thing as a “simple Will”, since the Will is just a piece of a whole complex puzzle.

It’s interesting how people spend a lot of time and money on where and how to invest their money, but when they approach their estate planning by requesting a simple “pill” that would give them piece of mind.

Although, just having your Will prepared would give you some piece of mind. However, making it in contemplation of your RRSP, Life Insurance, Real Estate properties, would make it a better plan, since it would imply a comprehensive approach from a legal, accounting, investing, tax and family relationships points of view.

Therefore, instead of just drafting Wills, we prepare comprehensive estate plans by spending some time with our clients in order to understand their values, aspirations, family status, financial situation. Also, we work together with their accountants, tax advisors, financial planners in order to provide them with the best final product – a comprehensive estate plan that would ultimately save them money, taxes, and their family relationships.