Lethbridge Funeral Planning Expert – Nicolas Salmon

Facing the end of life – a look at Kubler-Ross’ theories of coping with death and dying (part V).

We have been looking at the 5 stages of death and dying by Kubler-Ross.  Kubler-Ross noted that the 5 stages do not always happen in the same order and people may not experience all 5 stages.

To close out this series, we will look at the final stage: acceptance. During the acceptance stage, we may enter a place of peace and calm.  We have had the chance to say goodbye to our loved ones, made our final wishes clear, and planned our “Celebration of Life” ceremony.  We may have even worked through our own grief and feel at peace with our final moments.  Our loved ones are with us as we face our final journey of our life here.

Once we have passed on from our life here on earth, our loving family and friends are left to experience their own grief as they cope with losing us.  For grieving families, it is very important to have support and help available as they work through the loss of their loved one.