Lethbridge Massage Therapy Expert- Lacy McGlenn


Let our Alpha Health Environment Capsule help you make a change for the better in 2019!

The Alpha uses a combination of therapies to stimulate, enhance or improve your body’s natural function and health. Thermal therapy via dry heat sauna and the heated, contoured bed promotes relaxation, releases tension and increases metabolic rates. The combination of Aromatherapy and Sound therapy facilitates enhanced creativity, accelerated learning and improves concentration levels, among other benefits. As well as soothing sore muscles, alleviating stress and promoting full body relaxation, the vibrational massage therapy of the ergonomically designed Alpha bed also promotes better circulation.

There Are 10 Pre-Programmed Alpha Treatments to Choose From:

Relaxation – a soothing option great on its own or in combination with any massage

Superlearning – enhance concentration and accelerates learning capabilities *a great program for students*

Weight Loss – burn calories and increase metabolic function during and after treatments

Sleep –   retunes natural sleep functions in longer treatments with focused subliminal therapy

Beauty – a detoxifying program specially designed to help you sweat out toxins

Fitness –  used in conjunction with your regular exercise routine this program focus on enhancing metabolic health and relaxation

Stop Smoking – focuses on detoxification and regulating naturally health function

Sensual – a relaxing and revitalizing treatment

Creativity – increase your creativity and concentration with this program

Energy – an invigorating treatment designed to naturally kick your energy up a few notches