Lethbridge Mortgage Expert – Cory McLean

Divorce and separation are stressful, and expensive, and when it comes to your home can get very complicated. We are here to help! Rather than being forced to sell the home, paying legal costs and realtor commissions, we can facilitate one of you or your spouse/partner staying put. This proves to be a much better strategy for your children and your mental well-being.

Here’s how it works: We will help guide you as your lawyer drafts the proper sales agreement, where you and your spouse essentially sell the home back to whomever is staying in the home. No money changes hands so there is no pressure of having one of you come up with down payment. It is a simple transfer of equity.  During the process, if there is enough equity in the home the party leaving the home will receive their share of the equity, and because you don’t have commissions to pay there is more equity to share.

Imagine the peace-of-mind knowing not all of you are uprooted, kids can remain in their rooms and their schools!

This program is also available for partners of real estate that are going different directions, such as siblings or family members.

Call for details, we are here to help!