Lethbridge Vision Care Expert – Rick Miller


Your eyes are one of your most important gifts, don’t neglect them. Digital eyestrain from today’s screens are affecting millions of people. Come down to Southern Optical for a digital eye test. We test your eyes with no air puffs or drops, and perform digital retinal photography, and bio-microscopy, to screen the front and back of your eye for problems. If mobility is an issue we can come to you and test your eyes in your home or extended care facility and fit you with new glasses or put a new prescription in your existing frames. We have the latest options in digital lenses and coatings, designer frames, sunglasses and contact lenses, we even have multi-focal contacts that let you focus near and far. We are also the only optical in southern Alberta to offer the new Specsy (TM) app that allows us to perform a 3D scan of you and custom design your own exclusive 3D printed frames. At Southern Optical we focus on your vision