Medicine Hat Chiropractic Care Expert – Wallace Jans

TIME and the SPINE

“There is no process that does not require time.”  This is one of the principles of chiropractic.  It applies specifically to the healing process, but just as significantly to the process of pain or loss of health.

Often people come to our clinic and are bewildered that they suddenly have back or neck pain without having any trauma or unusual stresses.  As chiropractors, we see more people coming to us with no apparent cause than those who have had a specific injury.  The reality is that pain has usually been a long time coming.  It may even have had its origins in early childhood.  How many little traumas does a person endure while growing up?  With each one, the injured tissues become weaker and weaker, until one day the tissues are finally at their breaking point.  Pain is the body’s signal that help is needed.

It has taken time, often many years, for the spine to weaken to the point where pain occurs.  The problem has existed long before the person experienced the pain.  Because of the length of time from initial injury to the occurrence of pain, many changes have occurred as the body has attempted to stabilize the spine.  Scar tissue has developed.  Muscles have become imbalanced.  Nerve function has been altered.  Arthritic changes may be developing.  Other areas of the body can also be stressed as the body compensates.

Just as it has usually taken time for symptoms to develop, it also takes time to rehabilitate the spine.  Proper motion and alignment need to be restored for muscles, ligaments and nerves to function normally again.  Restoring motion, alignment and function are all processes that require time.  The healing time for each type of tissue varies and is influenced by both the amount of damage and the length of time the problem has existed.

Our society is focused on “quick fixes” for every problem that ails us.  But in reality there is no substitute for time.  Healing is an inside job.  Trying to rush healing often results in delays or the development of other problems.  Patience is not something we tend to be good at.

When working with patients to correct spinal problems, we take into consideration the length of time the problems have existed, the amount of tissue damage and the specific tissues that have been injured.  An individualized treatment plan is developed that usually requires a significant period of time.  That’s because the healing process requires time.

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