Medicine Hat Fruit Expert – Rebecca Whenham


After all the bustle of the holiday season, January should be a month of recuperation. However, students are going back to school for their busy semester and workplaces are back to business! If you need some extra energy, bananas are an excellent source of energy and have many beneficial vitamins to give you that post-holiday boost. Still, we hope you find some time to relax this month, perhaps while reading our gospel about bananas!

Did you know that you can store bananas in the fridge? The trick to keep them from turning brown and overripening is to wrap them in plastic wrap. Bananas are very sensitive to ethylene gas, which is produced from their stems, as well as all other fruits & veggies! Many people will only wrap the stem of the banana, but we wrap each banana completely. This protects the banana from the ethylene gas of other fruits and veggies too! By keeping them in the fridge, you also eliminate little pests like fruit flies! Even if your banana’s skin turns dark, the banana inside remains firm, light coloured & perfect for eating or slicing up.

Give yourself an extra boost of energy to get through this month with our specialty Banana Cream Crêpe, or our specialty Coffee Smoothie!

Wishing you a new year filled with happiness and good fortune from Fruitful Specialty Shop!