Medicine Hat Home Renovations Expert – Lance Tayler

Now a days, everybody seems to want a kitchen island. Somewhere that everyone can gather around in the kitchen without interfering in the food preparation. Even though you would like an island, can your kitchen handle one! There are several factors that need to be considered in the design process.

Is your kitchen area big enough to have a practical island installed? Will your island have a seating area? What purpose will the island serve? Do you want the stove or sink placed in the island or do you prefer an unrestricted work surface? Do you want one tier or multiple tiers? Do you want the island to blend in or to stand out in the kitchen? What about the surface? Butcher block? Quartz? Granite? Glass? Concrete?

These are all questions that need to be considered when looking to design with an island. If you would like help with designing an efficient working island give us a call for a FREE consultation!