Medicine Hat Scrap Metal Recycling Expert – “Scrapper” Sandy Traichel

Let’s kick off 2019 with New Year’s Resolutions! What’s your resolution this year? Planning to save money or travel more? Get more exercise? Maybe take up a new hobby?

At Gas City Metals we can help you with your resolutions! Take out the old and bring in the New Year by getting money for cleaning up your old appliances in the garage or old renovation scrap!!  While making money you’ll get your exercise sorting out your scrap. We’re happy to train you for your new scrap hobby to get the most cash for your scrap!

In 2019….

Save Money to Travel: Get paid for scrap metal!

Get More Exercise: You’ll get in shape while sorting your scrap metals!

Take up a New Hobby: Learn the best ways to gather and sort your scrap metals!

Come into Gas City Metals and start working toward those New Year’s Resolutions!

The first customer in 2019 to bring in $50 of scrap and mentions the ad will win a $20 Farro’s Pizza Gift Card! You can diet in February!!