Red Deer Building and Hardware Supply Expert- Rob deRegt

Winter is a great time for interior renovations, it’s a great way to stay busy and get work done on the house without needing to bear the bitter cold of winter. But, if you don’t have the right tools for the job, your projects will remain at a standstill.

This month Wolf Creek Building Supplies wants to help you stay occupied all winter long by offering a great deal on tools. From Jan. 9-19 enjoy 15% off all Stanley hand tools on cash sales. Not only that, but we have great Door Buster deals this month on things like bit sets, drill/driver kits and more handy tools to make your projects a snap.

Of course, we also have all the materials you need for your renovation projects as well. As a full-service building supply dealer we have the lumber, drywall, mouldings and all the other necessities for the projects to keep you building all winter.

Don’t forget that right now if you order a custom All Weather Windows package through us, you get 10% off! But only until Feb. 3, so make sure you order soon.