Red Deer Mobile Devices Expert – Shaun Wentzell

We have been seeing a lot of phones and devices come in with battery issues still. And while there are several different contributing factors…the biggest culprit is due to over charging them, and it’s usually done while sleeping and leaving them plugged in all night. This is the most common way of charging phones that most people do, and not only is this over charging your phone, but it’s a fire hazard as well, since it’s plugged in and unattended all night. And while it’s being over charged, a person doesn’t notice the damage that’s being done to the battery, as it starts to swell up inside the device.

The signs to watch for are the rapid loss of power (80% down to 20% in just a few minutes), and when you notice your phone screen being pushed up or “popping off” the phone (iphone), or the back cover of a Galaxy series phone appearing to come off or cracking suddenly and bulging. If you have this happening to your phone, the best thing to do is to get it to a repair shop as soon as possible, to avoid any further damage that batteries can cause, such as shorting your circuit board out internally. And we at Cell Phone Medics can always help you with these issues and many others that you may be having with your device. So come and see us before it becomes a bigger problem.