White Rock Hearing Expert – Dr. Jill Kemp, Aud D, RAUD

I noticed over the holidays that I was having trouble hearing family and friends. What happens during a hearing evaluation?

You will meet with a Hearing Care professional. To begin, a thorough history will be taken. An inspection of your ear canals and middle ears will take place to confirm good ear health. You will then be placed in a sound treated booth and asked to respond to tones while under headphones. The tones tested are specific and range from low to high frequencies that are important to hear speech. You will also undergo word testing to give us information in your communication abilities and how you hear speech in quiet and in noisy situations. Results will be recorded to then guide your Hearing Care Professional in forming a treatment plan if hearing loss is present.

If you or someone you know is over the age of 50 or suspects hearing loss, a hearing evaluation is recommended. Connect Hearing offers complimentary hearing evaluations, call us today!