Medicine Hat Trademark Expert – Bill Stemp

The Expert® team at Stemp & Company can incorporate your business.

There are number of benefits to incorporating your business including limited liability for the businesses debts, substantially lower tax rates, the ability to attract investors through issuing different types of shares etc. etc. All this can be explained more fully and completely if you will give us a call.

Selling your company

If you should decide to sell your company but wish to retain ownership of the patent and trademark rights, you can do this by holding the patent and trademark rights in your own name and licensing the right to use these to your company.

Selling Your Company

If you sell your company, by retaining personal ownership of the patent and trademark rights, these rights are kept by you and do not go to the new owner of the company. Or you could incorporate another company to own the patent and trademark rights and have the first company (which you have now sold) pay royalties or license fees to the new company. Again, these royalties and license fees would be taxed in the hands of the new company as corporate income, rather than taxed as personal income.

Tax savings

By incorporating a company, you can also take advantage of other tax saving measures. Deferred profit sharing plans enable you to reduce the corporation’s taxable income, but don’t increase your own personal taxable income. Paying yourself money as a dividend from the corporation can also be a smarter way of pulling money out of the corporation. Deferred profit sharing plans and payment of dividends can only be used if you have incorporated.