Red Deer Battery Expert – Geordin Flett

Spring has sprung and RV season is just around the corner! One thing that can make or break your RV experience is your electrical power source – especially if you are dry camping.

What does my RV require for power?

RVs are a unique animal in that they have both 110v and 12v systems. The 110v system is like your power source at home – it is typically used to run the standard outlets, microwave, and air conditioner in your RV. This 110V system can draw its power via shore power, a generator, or an invertor tied to your RV batteries. Your 12v system is tied directly to your RV batteries and it typically runs your lights, slides, power jack, and furnace. If your batteries die you may be left with no heat and no lights – no fun!

What batteries are best for my RV?

The best value is to install (2)-6v flooded lead acid batteries, connected in series to create a 12v power system. When compared to12v counterparts 6v batteries provide more capacity (Amp-Hours) more life cycles (Discharge/Charge) and have a greater depth of discharge (D.O.D). Come into Battery Boss today to take advantage of our Spring 6v RV Battery Sale!