Red Deer Copy and Print Expert – Doug Free

There’s Something in a Name

CopiesNow was founded on the Principle of having an area and equipment set aside for people to come in and do their own work. (Thus the name). 30 years ago this was a unique and novel idea.

Today we still offer a self serve computer, 3 – b/w copiers and 1 color copier, work table and even a place for the kids to play while you get your work done.

This concept allows us to work on bigger more complicated jobs in the back production area.  That area features a couple large format printers (1 color, 1 b/w), B/W production copiers capable of 125 copies per minute, a couple of color production machines, an envelope printer, fax machine, and laminators.

To complete the package we also have a hydraulic paper cutter, coil and cerlox binding equipment, perfing and numbering equipment, folders, booklet makers and much more.

So if you’re looking for 1 B/W copy or 10,000 color brochures – we can help…because

“We Succeed by Helping You Succeed”