Red Deer Specialty Pharmacy Expert – Melanie Warren

Including natural remedies in our régime of healthy living is “essential”.  Using pure essential oils and blends allow our bodies to heal on both a physical and emotional level.  When essential oil blends are used in conjunction with traditional medicines the results are amazing. They can speed up the healing process and address underlying issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.

There are may ways to use essential oils. In some instances the oil is applied to a spot or vitaplex point, taken internally or applied to the soles of the feet for fast absorption.  As advised by Healing Hollow (professional blend of organic essential oils) Essential oils will reach every cell within the body within 21 minutes.  Though the effects can be felt much quicker.

Millerdale pharmacy carries Healing Hollow’s beautifully hand blended, organic brand of essential oils for therapeutic remedy of stress, menopause, stomach upset and pain.  From Infant teething to addictions there is a remedy that will help you heal from the inside out.