White Rock Auto Care Expert – Mighty Tune and Brake

Summer means fun in the sun, freedom from schedules, bathing suits, barbecues, road trip …. And a whole new set of worries.

From sunburns to bug bites, the summer months are fraught with potential concerns, especially when you and your kids pile into the family car. Summer car safety should be in the front of your mind weather your road tripping or just driving a few blocks to the local pool.

So let’s get started.

  1. Make sure all occupants are properly buckled and that all car seats and booster seats are properly anchored and secured
  2. Secure potential projectiles place loose items in the trunk, buckle up unused booster seats and put personal items on the floor rather than on the seats.
  3. Prevent kids from overheating in their car seats where the temperatures in a car can quickly rise to unsafe levels and remember that those steel seat belt buckles and become hot enough to blister and burn your kiddos skin
  4. Be proactive with your teen drivers with summer holidays they may be driving more, off to the summer jobs, meeting friends or doing errands for you. Keep reminding the about safe driving habits like not texting and to drive like you are watching them.

Remember summer is a great time for family let’s keep the family safe and together.