White Rock Motivation Expert – Pastor Anthony Ens

A Home for the Lonely

I’ve heard it said time and time again – “Where am I supposed to meet people?” As we have become an even more driven and individualized society, natural places of connection seem to be few and far between. In fact, it is easy to feel like some of the only places left for meeting people outside your circle of connections, are bars and clubs; and more often than not, the relationships forged there are short-lived. Communities used to have social gatherings, communal activities and shared experiences, but now most people living in the city are turning to social media, apps and programs to find their connections.

In today’s age of social technology, people are experiencing isolation and loneliness at higher levels than ever before. In fact, a recent study by the BBC called the Loneliness Experiment reported that 40% of participants 16-24 reported feelings of loneliness. Loneliness has pervaded North American society and the affects of it are being seen widespread: depression, anxiety, health troubles and isolation.

God never intended for us to feel isolated and alone. In fact, we know that He promised to send the comforter to be with us and never leave us. However, God also designed another institution to combat loneliness, and that is His church.

Many people see church as a place to connect with God, and it is true, that is its primary purpose. However, God also designed the church to be an extension of the family. When you are born again – when you repent, are baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit – you are born into the family of Christ. He doesn’t want you to live out this life by yourself; He wants you to be surrounded by His family.

Perhaps you haven’t had a natural or healthy family you could rely on, or perhaps your relatives live elsewhere or have passed on. The church can be your support, your hospital and yes, even your family. The psalmist said “God sets the lonely in families” (68:6), and in your city there is a church family that is waiting for you.

There you will find a family that will love you, pray for you, fellowship with you, guide you and look out for you. They are just waiting to meet you. Will you take a chance and meet them? In the family of God you will find a love like no other and a connection that is deeper and more stable than those in this world, because our love and our connection is only possible through Jesus Christ.

So, find a church near you. There is a home for your lonely heart.