Red Deer Consignment Clothing Expert – Debbie Gagne

Today we are going to talk about accessories and how to accent your wardrobe. One dress can have several different looks by adding different colours and lengths of cardigans, a denim jacket, a shawl or different shoes.

Jewelry adds its own special spice to an outfit with a simple chain to an exquisite piece that will add that extra bit of bling to finish off that perfect dress.

Scarves also can make an outfit “pop” and can be wrapped, tied , twisted and knotted in a myriad of possibilities. Belts as well can make a huge impact on an outfit.

And last but not least, purses! A purse can make a dramatic impact on a specific outfit or it can define your overall style. Here at Second Chance Clothing we have all the amazing accessories you will need to complete your attire and starting now, they are 30% off until July 13th.