Grande Prairie Human Resources Expert – Jennifer Caseley

Did you know that as of January 2018, Employment Standards Officers are able to visit your place of work and review your employee files? Would your filing system withstand the scrutiny?

What are the looking for? Compliance. They want to ensure that you have the procedures, policies and documents in place to ensure your workers are receiving all the benefits to which they are entitled under Alberta Employment Standards. What changed in 2018? There are two big changes that many businesses are not aware of or did not implement; Calculation of Statutory Holiday pay and Lieu Time. They also guaranteed employees several new types of leaves where the employer is required to hold their position.

I can perform a Human Resources Audit on your files and let you know if you are up to date on Employment Standards. If there are gaps identified in your Audit—I can fix them. Let’s make sure you are covered and not subject to any fines down the road.