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Use our workstation ergonomic tips to ensure that you’re set up for success. In this edition, we will talk about the importance of taking breaks.


Try to take a microbreak every 30 minutes.

Postural Break

Make sure to take a short walk around your work area within each hour.

Without taking adequate breaks from work, employee productivity, mental well-being and overall work performance begin to suffer. These breaks are essential in helping employees de-stress and re-charge for the rest of the workday. Regular breaks can also help improve overall job satisfaction.

Give us a call to ask about our ergonomic assessments, we can help you make sure you have healthy working habits to prevent any injuries and increase productivity!

Your workplace can benefit from an ergonomic assessment if:

  • You or your employees feel pain or discomfort while completing job demands.
  • There is a history of injury or discomfort when completing job demands.
  • You want to understand how to properly set up a workstation.
  • You have questions regarding beneficial ergonomic equipment.