Medicine Hat Custom Orthotics Expert – Johan Steenwyk C.Ped (C) MC


Custom made shoes are prescribed to address the specific needs of individuals with structural foot deformities and special mechanics deficiencies. The primary focus is to accommodate bony, structural deformities of the feet and lower leg due to congenital deformities and conditions (i.e. severe arthritis, polio, diabetic complications ie. Charcot feet). In most cases these custom made shoes are covered by AADL or other insurance plans but only if there is a real medical need for them.

Custom made footwear is traditionally reserved for individuals who are physically unable to get their foot into a retail or orthopedic shoe due to a structural (bony) deformity. These people would not be able to wear shoes if we did not build a shoe around their foot.

While foot pain can be debilitating and finding comfortable shoes may be a challenge, custom made footwear is not necessarily the answer. There are many features and high tech materials designed to reduce foot pain, that can not be built into a custom made shoe. Although the term “orthopedic footwear” is enough to make most people shudder, they are no longer the bulky, ugly shoeboxes of the past. The newest styles in orthopedic footwear mean you no longer have to sacrifice fashion for comfort.