Medicine Hat Finances Expert – Tyler Davidson

What is it about getting outside of ourselves that gives us such a sense of freedom? Do you find that the more you focus on your own interests, typically more anxious or worrisome you become? But when you give something meaningful to someone it gives you a sense of fulfillment even though it may have cost you time, money or some other resource? So why do we clamor to get rather than give? why is our time mostly spent focused on ourselves rather than others? Is it fear? Greed? Lack of knowledge?

These are not small questions. In fact, they are so important that finding the answers can alter the course and direction of your life! You might be thinking right now that this is a curious topic coming from the guy writing for the financial column of this publication. I would say that it couldn’t be more on point! Why you ask? Every day we have an opportunity to use our resources, including money, to bring true happiness; which ultimately is what we’re trying to achieve. Our primary goal for helping people with the choices they make with their finances is to provide a quality of life that they can enjoy. If we’re honest with ourselves, has inward focus truly bore the fruit of happiness? Or is it found in the giving and focusing outside of ourselves? Money is a tool in our toolbelt, it is not the project; the project is our life and its unlimited potential and impact. This is why we believe the plan is so important! It highlights the destination! It takes account for the necessary fuel for the journey but puts the emphasis on what we can do with the people we love, who we can give to and what it is we are giving. It let’s us focus on the all important WHY behind our lives. Let’s plan together.