Red Deer Office Supplies Experts – Sandra Farqharson

If browsing and purchasing office furniture from the comfort of your desk seems too good to be true, there’s a reason for that: it can lead to costly mistakes and create more problems than it solves. Online or out of town retailers may offer many attractive purchasing options, but the truth is that buying office furniture sight-unseen is risky and ultimately not worth the apparent convenience.

Buying Online: What Can Go Wrong?

Despite the best efforts of many consumers, it’s hard to get the best fit for your office when you’re buying furniture without seeing it in person. Some factors may leave you with furniture that doesn’t match your needs. Often online pictures and dimensions don’t fully demonstrate how an item will work or look in your space.  Most importantly online retailers do not offer the benefit of real-time interaction with a furniture expert, as you would get if you worked with Prairie Office Plus.

What happens if you get your items out of the box and discover they aren’t what you expected or require a warranty claim? Even if an online or out of town retailer accepts returns or even warrant their product, the buyer is often responsible for the shipping costs.

So why purchase your office furniture from Prairie Office Plus?

We have THE LARGEST OFFICE FURNITURE SHOWROOM IN CENTRAL ALBERTA! We live, work and play within this very community. Prairie Office Plus will work with you From Start to Finish, providing you with a complete “Turn Key Experience”

Our Experts® will work with you to examine potential furniture options up close and personal; let us demonstrate the features and benefits of the product that can’t be conveyed through a picture.  Together we can evaluation and determine the specific functional requirements of each employee. Needs such as type and amount of storage, technology support, amount of privacy and other necessities will be outlined to determine what products and options will best serve each user’s needs.

Our project management team is the caretakers for your office furniture project. We will handle every element of a project to ensure that it is executed flaw


Healthy work environments emerge from well designed workspaces that integrate proper ergonomic tools. The result is a comfortable, efficient, and safe working condition. This allows employees to execute their tasks at top performance levels.

After visiting the BRAND NEW Prairie Office Plus showroom you will have a different and more accurate idea of what you need in your office space. Contact Sandra or Adam @ 403.347.2286 to arrange a showroom visit or just stop in to see the benefits for yourself.