Grande Prairie Glass Tinting and Paint Protection Expert – Dale Stevenson


Get Creative with Decorative Window Film Decorative window film turns nearly any smooth glass surface – walls, windows, partitions, desktops, doors, panels bordering elevators and escalators – into a blank canvas. And it serves as much more than a retrofit solution for existing buildings; it’s a design tool that can be used to achieve a desired look, evoke desired emotions or convey a specific message. It offers all the benefits of etched or decorative glass, but without the potential problems and added costs: special maintenance, high manufacturing and shipping expenses, inordinate labor charges, long lead times and potential inability to recycle. Decorative film lets you add your style to glass in your projects that make them uniquely yours.

Decorative window film serves many functional and aesthetic purposes:

  • Control light transmission
  • Enhance visual appeal
  • Improve visibility of glass to help improve safety
  • Help hold glass together in the event of breakage
  • Convey a message
  • Partition and separation
  • Privacy
  • Wayfinding

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