Grande Prairie human Resources Expert – Jennifer Casely

Do you need an Employment Agreement? (AKA offer letter) No, but…I am always surprised when an organization says they don’t have offer letters or employment agreements for their employees. How do you know what they have agreed to? And how do they know their rights?

An Employment Agreement basically describes the relationship you and your employee will have. At the simple end of the scale they outline job title, rate of pay, benefits, vacation and the schedule of work. On the more in-depth end you would also cover topics like confidentiality, code of conduct, social media and terminations (to name a few areas).   Why pay Caseley Consulting to create an employment letter for you? Because we will make sure your interests are covered and that your new employee starts off on the right foot. An employment agreement can help show that you are a business owner who takes the welfare of their employees seriously. Is it required by law? No, but any lawyer or human resources professional will strongly urge you to have something in place and it doesn’t cost a lot to have a basic agreement drawn up. In fact, a good employment agreement can save you money when your turnover decreases and if you need to terminate. Even a good verbal A generic agreement will enable you to use the document for a couple of years by just adding different names, wage rates, and benefits to the letter.  A verbal agreement is as good as the paper it is written on. Don’t get caught trying to change the terms of a verbal agreement—get it in writing. For additional information, contact Caseley Consulting.