Lethbridge Learning Expert – Nancy West B. Ed. M. E.d.

HAPPY FALL EVERYONE!!! I hope the school year is off to a great start for you!

October is a great time for students to look at starting the school year strong with study skills. Sylvan’s study skills program provides students with a wide array of “tools”  including:   time management, note taking, test preparation, test taking skills, and reading strategies so they feel success and confidence in the classroom.  On a personal note, learning  time management skills such as scheduling study time and note taking skills provided me with the necessary tools and skill set to be successful in university.  Additionally, I continue to use the time management skills I learned today.  They are critical to keeping my life organized.

Sylvan also offers Homework Support in the following subjects: English, Writing, Social, Math, Science, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.   Our teachers assist students with content as well as strategies to assist with completing homework independently, and feeling more confident with taking tests.