Grande Prairie Automotive Needs Expert – Peter Sluik

Fall is upon us and soon we will be driving over frozen roads and through the snow.

It’s never too early to start thinking about installing Winter tires before Old Man Winter is back.

At Hansen Ford we can help.

From October 1st until December 2nd Hansen Ford will be offering a Winter Performance Package – UP TO $3,250 VALUE – at NO EXTRA CHARGE with your new vehicle purchase (restrictions apply).

We’ve chosen a set of brand names tires, Ford wheels and TPMS sensors and will install them on your vehicle for enhanced driving performance and safety this Winter.

We can even store your other set of tires here, so they’ll be ready for a quick changeover in the spring (additional charges apply).

We know Winter tires increase driving performance and safety, and we want you to get the best driving experience with your new Ford – in good OR bad weather conditions.

Visit our showroom and beat Old Man Winter with a brand new Ford equipped with tires that will get you there!