Grande Prairie Experts on Growing Hair – Danielle Cherewyk

It may be odd hair cutters are experts in growing hair but there really are some great tips and guidance we can provide to create a plan for you to achieve your long hair goals.  Here are 4+ steps to start the process of growing long luscious locks.

Treatment Haircuts, you may want to consider seeing your hairstylist a little less but do not forgo haircuts altogether. Consider adding 2-3 extra weeks between your regular appointment schedule and asking for a treatment with your haircut to add strength and moisture to support your growing locks.

Cuticle Sealers, we recommend “Head Mistress” by EVO haircare or “Extreme Lengths Sealer” by Redken. These Wonderfull products seal the outer cuticle of your hair preventing split ends. This is important because oftentimes our hair is growing we just don’t notice because split and broken ends prevent us from gaining the length from the new hair growth.

Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner, we recommend “Restore” by Living Proof” or “Extreme” by Redken. While the previous treatments will seal the outside of the hair, a great protein shampoo and conditioner will heal your hair from the inside out making it stronger and less likely to endure breakage.

A good brush is a must. By now we have established that hair breakage will prevent the hair from gaining length so it is important to use a brush that will not cause breakage. We recommend the Sam Villa Paddle Brush or a Wet Brush.

OK, for those who are impatient there are always extensions. Our team at The Headroom include some amazing extensions specialists who offer multiple installation methods for both permanent and temporary options to help you achieve your hair goals!

Want to get some personalized information on how to grow long locks? Our consultations are always complimentary and can be booked by calling the salon or online at

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