Red Deer Paint Beautification Expert – Mark Dolynchuk

Helpful Tips Nobody Mentioned For Your Car

We see a lot of things that no longer surprise us, but do cause some concern. Generally it is about short cuts around maintenance that end up costing much more to repair after the fact. Sometimes it is all about interior storage of items never to be kept in your vehicle.

Look around your car and list everything you’re keeping in there. Water bottles are common. The plastic breaks down in hot weather (temperatures inside your car can easily reach 120 degrees F in the summertime) and you may end up ingesting plastic (BPA). You get complimentary water bottles at the parking kiosk at the airport, or the rental car company.  Those ‘live’ in your car for weeks.  In a recent test by the Idaho power department – a plastic water bottle left on the back seat of a car in the sun actually refracted the sunlight and started a back seat on fire!  We see medications in cars all the time. They deteriorate and can end up shortchanging you on benefit. Makeup becomes a soggy mess like scrambled eggs. Bathing suits in the trunk are a haven for mildew. Cell phones and other electronics can quickly overheat, and it is entirely possible for them to deteriorate or even explode. The recent issues with Samsung batteries are a case in point. Personal data and keys are an item we always recommend NOT leaving in your vehicle when being serviced. We take care to safeguard our customers’ belongings, but anything is possible and jeopardizing the security of your home by losing a garage door opener isn’t worth the risk. We often see sunscreen in the car. The chemical composition gets altered by the heating up and cooling cycle. You can damage your skin rather than protecting it. Last but not least is anything in sight that will attract a thief. One lady had a valuable briefcase she kept in the car, and we warned her about it. She replied that it was just ‘her lunch’ and not valuable. The thief didn’t know that – and did $400 worth of damage her insurance didn’t cover!  Be safe out there!