White Rock Auto Care Expert – Mighty Tune and Brake

At Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey, we take brake repair & inspection so seriously that it’s in our name. You can feel safe when you drive, knowing that your vehicle is being serviced by us.

Is your steering wheel shaking when you brake? That’s not supposed to happen. That means that something is amiss in your braking system. You may have worn or dirty brake pads that are not effectively gripping the rotors. We can clean up what’s dirty or replace what’s worn and keep you braking safely. Perhaps your rotors are warped; after all, your brakes do get very hot! We can replace warped rotors and have you back on the road in no time. You could also have guide pins in need of servicing, which we can definitely do for you. Whatever the reason for your shaky steering wheel, Might Tune & Brake Surrey can take care of it.

Brake noises are also common problems – and they’re not always because of the pads grinding on the rotors. Sometimes, the calipers and rotors themselves make noises and need to be serviced or replaced. We also frequently see concerns about brake fluid. Did you know that vehicles today are much less likely to suffer from moisture in the fluid lines than they are from additives and chemicals building up? This is a big change from car care in the past and we stay on top of all the advances and developments to best service your vehicles. We’re fluent in parking brakes, hoses, cylinders, drums, bearings – you name it!

We do at Mighty Tune & Brake in Surrey

  • Brake repair & inspection
  • Cleaning & adjusting
  • Replacement & installation
  • Brake fluid exchange
  • Resurfacing

So whether your brake fluid needs to be changed, you need your drums cleaned, or you need a full brake replacement, you can count on Mighty Tune & Brake Surrey to not only keep you mobile but to also keep you stopping safely!