Medicine Hat New Home Expert – Angela Cook


Investing money has always been an interesting and sometimes difficult task.  The difficult part being just having a little extra cash left after the mortgage payment and groceries.  Investments could be in RRSP’s, in gold or silver, the stock market and on and on.  But it takes extra cash to invest in those areas.

What if your family is one that just doesn’t have any money left over after the mortgage payment, groceries and other bills?  How can you ever get ahead?

Well, guess what?  I can tell you how to invest in a solid, safe and extremely lucrative commodity.  As a matter of fact, this investment calls for no extra money.  You can continue as before and still afford the mortgage and groceries.

And yes, I’m going to tell you what that investment is.  Get ready… it’s your HOME.  Yes, your home, and most folks do not even realize the power and wealth they already have by living in a home, even if it has a mortgage.  Simply buy a home, sell it one year later, and it’s capital gains free.  No tax!  You can do this every year, over and over.  It’s amazing how much equity can be gained when 33% of your profit doesn’t have to go to the government.

So simple and so few people do it.  The downside is that it means the inconvenience of moving and if children are involved, there is the issue of changing schools.  It’s not for everyone, but it certainly is worth thinking about, especially in today’s market!

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