Medicine Hat Office Design solution Expert – Jason Unwin


The most important fact you need to learn about ergonomics is that it is the easiest way to improve your bottom line. It is not only about the comfort that ergonomics offers, but the rewards that come along.

If you are an owner, manager, or have a power position to make decisions, this is why you should think about ergonomics.

If your staff works efficiently without feeling any pain, then they can be more focused on their work and bring in better results than if they were stressing their bodies.

Ergonomics in the workplace allows everyone to thrive. Our working spaces are continuously changing while our body keeps trying to adapt to the requirements of our jobs. Ergonomics is a great preventative tool to make sure nothing goes wrong with your team.

One example of a common situation is when it is decided that new furniture will be purchased. The order is made, the furniture arrives to everyone’s offices and over time, your team starts experiencing pain and consequently their focus on work disappears. Then, you decide to get an ergonomic assessment and you find out that you need to modify or replace most of the purchased furniture. This represents bigs costs when you could have just made the right decision in the first place by getting an ergonomic assessment. It is an investment in knowledge and effectiveness in the workplace.

As changes in the workplace and technology continue to arise, ergonomics is here to stay. At Desk’n File, we offer you and your team ergonomic assessments to make sure you all work without pain or reduced focus.