Medicine Hat Event Decor Expert – Joanne Ebel


You don’t need every mixer under the sun, or every type of booze known to man. Here’s what you want to make sure you have:

When picking alcohol to stock your bar, know your crowd. If your family is definitely going to want to hit the tequila, make sure you have tequila, plenty of limes, and salt on hand. Do you have a serious crowd of whiskey drinkers? Great, make sure to have more of that.

Beer: It’s nice to select at least two types of beer (one dark or strong, one light) to provide options. Considering a keg verses bottles.Bottles can be more expensive. However, kegs require a tap system (either a pony keg or tap), which you’ll need to rent from the liquor store where you bought the keg. Also, keg leftovers are much harder to deal with and don’t keep for more than a day or two.

Wine: You’ll need at least one red wine and one white, but you don’t need more than one varietal (or blend) of each.

Out of 250 guests, 150 will drink hard liquor for a total of 1200 ounces & approximately 100 guests will drink beer for a total of 80 beer.

Liquor:  Average 8 shots per person = 1 – 40 ounce bottle will serve 5 people.

Mix:  1 x 2litre pop serves 8 drinks – 1 – 40 ounce bottle required 5 pops for mix.

Beer:  Average 8 beer per person, so out of a case of 24 – 3 people will be served.

Wine:  5 glasses in a 750 ml .

Bartending is more than serving drinks, its responsibility