Medicine Hat Residential Swimming Pool Expert – Russel Koch

Christmas is almost here and I am looking for something for my spouse. We love our pool and would like to get something for it.

Depending on your budget, a ROBOTIC Automatic Pool Vacuum would make an excellent gift. In the last two to three years they have come a long way. The new breed of pool vacuums operate on 24V and just cost pennies a day to operate. In fact, the Hayward Tiger Shark operates at 24V and 3.5 amps. That is less energy than a 100W light bulb.

Maytronics also make a good cleaner in the Dolphin Line. Each year new vacuums are being introduced into the market place. All of these cleaners have a few things in common.

  • They all operate on low voltage.
  • They are a separate system and will not take the dirt or contaminates to the filter.

(Either cartridge or sand)

  • They have a very efficient filter system. Down to about 5 microns. This is better than a sand filter
  • They can operate with the cover on the pool
  • And they can all operate while you are


The best way to use these new ROBOTIC vacuums, is to run them once a day, at the end of the day. Remove the vacuum before you go swimming the next day. By using the vacuum this way you will spend a lot less time back washing your sand filter or cleaning your cartridge filter. Depending how dirty your pool is you will have to clean the vacuum every few days or once a week.

For more information on Robotic Cleaners please contact Russel Koch of Backyard Vacations.