Grande Prairie Furniture Expert – Mike Turner

Although your own household needs and space may determine what you can fit for a dedicated freezer there are pros and cons for both. Bear in mind that a chest freezer costs about 4 dollars a month to run where an upright costs roughly 14 dollars a month to run so the convenience has to be worth the while.

Chest- Pros

More Storage Capability

Lower Price To Purchase

Less Expensive To Run

More Energy Efficient

Keeps Food Frozen Longer If You Lose Power

Last 15 To 20 Years

Chest – Cons

Harder To Organize

No Auto Defrost

Harder To Clean

Harder To Maintain

Takes Up More Room

Harder To Reach Items

Standup – Pros

Easier To Organize

Auto-Defrost Feature

Uses Less Floor Space

Easier To Clean

Items Easier To Reach

Standup – Cons

Less Space For Big Items

More Costly

Quicker Spoilage  If Power Is Lost

Lasts 10 To 15 Years