Grande Prairie Hair Expert – Danielle Cherewyk

Give the gift of beauty this holiday season, a lovely and luxurious consumable gift!

Beauty services and products are the best consumable gift you can give, let us count the reasons why and give you our best recommendations.

Top Reasons Why:

  1. Haircare is a necessity in personal hygiene but also an indulgence, making it a luxurious but practical consumable gift.
  2. Consumables are the gift of the season. They are customizable, personal, and exciting to receive. We are leaving a generation where we buy items that sit in storage never being used, feeling guilty to recycle or dispose of “because it was a gift”. Keep your Christmas clutter-free.
  3. Gift cards can be impersonal, while salon gift cards can be purchased at your loved one’s salon of choice and paired with a recommended product from their stylist. (Don’t have a regular stylist, just let our team know a few things about the style of your loved one and we will gladly make a recommendation.
  4. Transferable, our gift cards can be used for any products or services so if you are not quite sure what they need, there is no need to commit. Products can also be exchanged if unused.

Our top holiday gift ideas:

  1. Haircare for the whole family. A gift card for haircuts for the whole family paired with litres of Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner would set up any family to looking great in 2020!
  2. Top Seller Products, their top sellers because people use them up and buy them again! Ask for a personalized recommendation but you can never go wrong with Living Proof Dry Shampoo, Redken Iron Shape Heat Protector, Hair Masks, or any Holiday Box Sets of our best Shampoos and Conditioners (Remember they can exchange them if they need to.)
  3. Blowout Series, because what isn’t more luxurious than not blowdrying styling your own hair in 2020! A gift any lady would love!
  4. Gift Cards, because it’s more personal when you are going out of your way to purchase from their favourite salon/stylist. Try pairing with a sample pack of products or some single pack hair masks.

Not finding the right fit, stop in and ask any of our Expert® team to help you create the perfect gift for your loved one!