Grande Prairie Human Resources Expert – Jenifer Caseley

Looking for a new way to build your team spirit? Try a ColourSpectrums™ Workshop.

ColourSpectrums™ is an interactive and entertaining workshop that allows teams to interact, learn more about one another and find ways to increase communication.

There will be AH-HA learning moments and HA HA learning while we work together to find commonalities and learn how to brighten each other’s colours. This exciting workshop will increase self-esteem, review personal learning styles, increase community relations and customer service skills while building team communication.

A strong team knows how to talk to one another and help one another grow. Your team will learn more about each other’s strengths and find common life experiences and personal goals.

Caseley Consulting offers half-day, full-day or two-day training sessions in ColourSpectrums™.

For additional information, contact Jennifer @ Caseley Consulting.  587-343-2338