Red Deer Office Supply Expert – Prairie Office Plus


Purchase Local; Choose Prairie Office Plus

Recently, you’ve likely heard a push from numerous sources to “buy local,” or to “work with your neighbor.” But what exactly does working with a local company entail? Won’t I pay more? Will I get the same quality of service I’ve come to expect from a larger, national chain? What’s in it for me?

By utilizing a local office supplier you can broaden your product lineup while simultaneously building closer relationships with your customers. There is a sense of pride when you go to the store and buy goods and services from people you know, or from companies you see in your own backyard. When you think about purchasing your company’s supplies, ask yourself this question: Why deal with a national chain that has spent thousands of dollars to build a computer system designed to minimize the need for people? You can be sure that when you do business over the internet with people you don’t know, your experience (at the very least from a customer service standpoint) will suffer. Instead, choose Prairie Office Plus and purchase locally.  By dealing locally, you can take advantage of in person meetings with experienced account representatives or ask questions to a qualified customer service person.  You can order online, over the phone, or even through fax or email. We offer flexible and FREE delivery, huge product selection, and tailored services based on your needs as a business.

At Prairie Office Plus we treat you like an important client – even on your smallest orders – because we understand the importance of doing business locally. We have good, old-fashioned customer service with real people who answer the phone and return emails promptly. Give “going local” a shot; we’ve got over 65 years in business to prove we can make it work for you.