Red Deer Copy and Print Expert – Doug Free

Love What You Do

So what are you going to do today ?  After a nice big breakfast, I thought I’d ride my motor bike out to the golf course and get in a quick 9 holes before I ride out to Sylvan Lake and soak up some sun watching people playing in the water. Then on the way home I’d grab a thick steak to barbeque for supper.  Sounds pretty good, unfortunately that’s all fantasy, I’m going to work the same as you…!

But, I can still have a productive day at work, you see I get to help people figure out what can help their businesses function and grow.  There’s something intrinsic about holding a cool business card in your hand or reading a company’s color brochure.  The design and images are engrained in your mind so that one day when you need that type of service you remember a key factor and can recall the company you want to do business with.

CopiesNow would like to be that print company for you.  We want to help you put your ideas down on paper, whether it’s a Tailgate Meeting Form, a new look for your business card or that full color sales brochure.  We want these to be the things that your next new customer will etch into their mind and call you when they are ready.