Red Deer Paint Beautification Expert – Mark Dolynchuk

Why Did He Put Tranny Fluid on my Paint Job?

We had a fellow in recently with a ‘beater’ – purchased inexpensively and hoping to get a few years’ service out of it. The paint finish was tired to say the least, but pitted and weather beaten as one would expect from a car of that vintage. He claimed that when he bought it a few months ago it was ‘shinier’ in appearance. He went back to the private seller, and was told he refinished the scratches out with automatic transmission fluid. This was used in days gone by to move cars off the lot – so to speak. Wiped on to particular paint (usually older single stage paint) this tranny fluid would fill the cracks, and reduced the spider webbing to the naked eye. Single stage paint superficially ‘dried’ in a short time, but the process never stopped. The paint would continue to dry for months or years, and eventually oxidize – worse with heat and sun. ATF temporarily eliminates some scratches. If wiped immediately, it is possible to wax over top of it and the finish may get a face lift that may last for weeks or months. The better method is with rubbing compound followed by polishing compound, and then wax. Using tranny fluid is a quick ‘fix’ and a very temporary one. If your vehicle has a clear coat, you are simply removing it for future problems. We hear of folks using brake fluid to clean headlights as well. This is a very short term ‘fix’, as brake fluid has a warming effect and can turn your lenses milky white. One home based remedy that works better is toothpaste. It will clean them, but you can expect to have to re-do the work every month or so. There are buffing and polishing compounds for this task as well – and the benefit only lasts as long as the polish – weeks to maybe months. Professionals are prepared with products that last, and that can be warrantied. The latest and the best on market is the Arctic Coating nanoceramic glass like coating. It only makes sense to protect premium paint as a long term investment. Check us out!