Lethbridge Massage Therapy Expert – June McGlenn

Relief of muscle pain and fatigue is perhaps the number one reason a person may get a massage, but headache and stress relief, enhanced exercise performance, and relaxation are also primary motivators. When combined with traditional medical care, massage therapy can aid treatment, or reduce the symptoms for any number of health concerns – including migraines, cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, anxiety and depression.

The use of hot stones or heated shells during a massage increases the depth and efficiency of those benefits. Using stones gives the feeling and benefit of a deeper, firmer

touch without an increase of pressure. Adding heat, causes the muscles and tissues to respond more quickly to the touch therapy applied. The use of certain clays can increase the balancing and detoxifying effects obtained through massage therapy. Whichever technique of massage you choose to receive and whatever add-ons you may choose to use: the benefits of massage are myriad, it feels good, and it does the body a world of good.