Grande Prairie Beauty Services Expert – Danielle Cherewyk

Sensory Haircuts

“Imagine the water spray, the noise, the people, the chair, the mirror, the clippers, the comb through the hair, the people, the hairdryer, the water, the talking, the mirror… you can see how this could be a nightmare for a child with sensory sensitivities, or on the autism spectrum.”  -Excerpt from The Mighty

We, the Experts® at The Headroom, recognize a haircut may be a difficult experience for some children and we are committed to supporting those in our community who may have different needs.

Having a haircut can be an overwhelming experience for anyone! We want to work with you to provide a safe experience for your child.

This is service is ideal for:

  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Children who have a fear of haircut

What can you expect at your sensory haircut?

  1. A welcoming and accepting environment with a longer appointment time so your child does not have to be rushed.
  2. If you come during a sensory event we dim lighting, adjust music, etc. If you are booking during our regular hours our team will suggest times where the salon is quiet. We are happy to accommodate your needs if you share them with us.
  3. A team who are trained and comfortable with sensory sensitivities.
  4. Flexibility with the process and tools used during the haircut. We have sensory scissors and are also open to cut hair with no clippers. Standing, sitting on the floor, sitting at the colour bar.

Every child is different in what we can change to help them be comfortable.

If you would like a copy of our e-book which includes a social story for your children and more tips and ideas for making haircuts a fun experience for your child email  Subject “Sensory Ebook”