Grande Prairie Human Resources Expert – Jennifer Casesley

Whether you need to hire one person or one hundred these tips will help you find the right person for the job.

Say what?! When creating your job ad speak to the person you want to hire. Use the language and words of the position and person you want to hire.

Reviewing resumes. Getting more resumes than you know what to do with? Create a screening tool. It will speed up the process and save you time. Don’t forget to include the must haves, nice to haves and WOW category.

Interview Questions. Take time to create interview questions. Ask candidates to walk you through the job they will be doing. You want to hear about their real experiences and how they can help your business.

Do you have any questions for us? Hiring a truck driver? If they walk out of without asking about the type of truck they will be driving, slip-seating or maintenance perhaps pass and keep looking. If they don’t have any questions that may be a red flag.

The importance of life outside work. Asking about hobbies and how people spend their free time outside of work can help find people who fit into your company culture.

BONUS: Ask for help. Following tips 1 to 5 requires time. Time you may not have. This is where I come in and create the job description, advertisement, screen for you, create appropriate interview questions and even sit in on interviews with you.