Medicine Hat Cosmetic Surgery Expert – Dr. Brooks

No matter our skill level, plastic surgeons cannot stop the aging process.  Some surgeries do a good job of turning back the clock, and certainly with a neck lift that can be the case.

It is important to keep in mind that the results of a neck lift can only be achieved surgically; non-surgical skin rejuvenating treatments may help delay the time before surgery becomes the best option.  Often too, non-surgical rejuvenating treatments will complement or help to maintain the results of neck lift surgery.

No matter if you are seen for a surgical or non-surgical neck lift consultation, all risks, all benefits and all alternatives should be thoroughly explained to you.

I get asked all the time to see patients for surgical and non-surgical aesthetic neck lift consultations.  At this point in my career I am not ready to add surgical neck lifts to the list of aesthetic surgeries I offer.  As with my other cosmetic surgeries, I’d first like to spend some time learning from the best surgeons, before I start doing these procedures solo here in Medicine Hat.

My office staff or I can recommend board certified plastic surgeons in Alberta who would be willing to meet with you in consultation about a neck lift.