Medicine Hat Luxurious Cabinetry Expert – Angela Cook


Everyone likes their kitchen, maybe even “loves” their kitchen.  For some, it is the center of their world, their meeting place, where they visit and live.  We have built many homes over the years and have installed hundreds upon hundreds of kitchen cabinets.  We have seen many changes in the industry, including design and product.  When you are in the same industry for over 40 years, you can pretty much guarantee to have seen it all.

One product that has been used for some time now, but is still gaining in popularity, is stone tops.  We have installed so many in our kitchen projects that we now sell them directly to you for your own kitchen renovation.  We supply and install granite, quartz, and a multitude of other countertop products.  Stone, however, is king.  It is rich and it is colourful but more so, it is unique to your kitchen. Although the price for stone tops has not come down, other products that are used for countertops have risen so stone may be in your budget.  We have a huge display in our showroom for you to browse through.  Call us to schedule your one on one appointment.