Medicine Hat New Home Expert – Angela Cook


At certain times during the year, we’ll get a call or two from customers regarding window condensation, concerned that there may be an issue with their new home.  Condensation is the change of water vapour in the air to liquid water when it comes in contact with a cooler surface.  It occurs because air can only hold a limited amount of water vapour at any one temperature.  The lower the temperature, the less water vapour the air can hold.  Window surfaces are cooler than the surrounding air; hence, this is where condensation occurs.

New homes contain more moisture.  As much as 36 liters of moisture a week is released from new building and finishing material during the first 18 months of occupancy.  New homes are far more air tight so they will hold more moisture, not only from the building materials but from washing clothes, washing dishes, showering, cooking, and even house plants.

Following are some tips on how to control humidity that is already in your home and how to remove or lower it:

  1. Open a window for a brief period to ventilate the home (outside winter air is very dry so it will immediately absorb moisture when it enters and leaves your home).
  2. Keep your furnace fan running continuously.
  3. Ensure that cold air returns are not blocked by furniture.
  4. Keep window coverings open when possible. Even remove bug screens so air can circulate.
  5. Keep houseplants away from windows.
  6. Operate your kitchen and bathroom fans, even if not cooking or showering.
  7. Don’t hang clothing to dry inside the Home.

If you have any questions, please give us a call.