Medicine Hat Office Design and Solutions Expert – Jason Unwin

Santa’s Holiday Ergonomic Tips

We’ve all heard that sitting for long periods might not be helping our overall health. Having this in mind, we can try to do something to counteract the negative effects of spending too much time sitting in front of a computer. Here we share three important strategies you can use to reduce stress and increase productivity in your workplace.

  1. Move Frequently, Get Up out of Your Chair! Breaking the cycle of sedentary behaviour is a key strategy. Walk around the office every 30 minutes or just take a two-minute walking break every hour. You will immediately feel refreshed when you get back to your workstation.
  2. Try Doing Targeted Exercises at Your Workstation

We want to avoid getting a repetitive strain injury, therefore, you can try one of these exercises to counteract the repetitive movements.

  • Neck relaxer. Sitting upright in your chair, begin by letting your head drop backward. Hang out there for a moment before dropping the head forward so your chin touches your chest. Repeat this three to four times.
  • Shoulder rolls. Begin by lifting your shoulders. With a circular motion, slowly roll them backward five times and then forward five times.
  • Wrist and finger stretch. Raise both arms straight ahead and parallel to the ground. In a circular motion, rotate the wrists in opposing directions a few times, then switch directions for each wrist. Next, spread out your fingers as wide as possible and hold for two seconds. Bend the fingers at the knuckles to form a tight claw, and again hold for a couple of seconds. Finally, close your fingers to form a tight fist, and again, hold. Reverse the process. Repeat the entire routine a few times.
  1. Improve Your Posture to Decrease Stress

When sitting in a slouched position you hinder proper breathing and then you force shallow breaths. That means you are exerting unnecessary stress on your body that can be easily avoided when keeping a straight back and an aligned body.